Used Books

Wordsmiths Books now sells used books! Our used books are conveniently shelved with our new books in their appropriate sections, making it easy for you to compare prices. Now when you shop at Wordsmiths, you can find the latest new release from your favorite author as well as that forgotten gem from years ago! Also, we will buy your used books for store credit.

How We Buy

We will sort through your books and choose those we think we can sell. We will then call you and let you know the credit value we are offering for those books. Upon notification, we will then hold the books for 14 days, after which, they will be considered the property of Wordsmiths Books and will be donated. Books are priced and shelved shortly after the time of purchase; we do not keep an itemized list of which books we buy. At the point of purchase, all sales are final. Any books that we cannot use can be donated to charity if you wish so that you do not have to pick them up. This process can take up to one week, and at certain times, may take longer.

What We Pay

We will pay you a 33% in-store credit of the price at which we expect to sell the books. For example, if a book currently retails for $10.00 new, we’ll probably sell it for around $3.50. In that case, you would receive $1.08 in-store credit.

What We Buy

We buy used books in very good condition emphasizing in but not limited to fictional titles, graphic novels, Manga, and comic books. Books must not have any underlining or highlighting; and if the book is hardcover, we require it to have a dust jacket, unless it was issued without one. Most categories of non-fiction will be looked at based on sales history.

What We Don’t Buy

Although we are interested in stocking books for most of our subject areas, there are some books we don’t buy, such as textbooks, encyclopedias, magazines, Reader’s Digest Condensed books, audiobooks, technical books, and outdated computer books.

*Note: We typically buy about 25-35% of all used books offered to us, so do not be surprised if we cannot use as many of your books as you expected. Many factors go into our decisions about purchasing used books; these include condition, how many we already have on hand, the date of the book, whether or not a particular author or title sells well in our store, as well as other factors.

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