From the Big Chicken to the Big Apple

insert heavy sigh here

I’ve been sitting here, debating with myself for a couple of days now about how to begin this blog. “Self”, I’ve been saying to my, um, well, self, “there has to be a way you can get to the point of what you need/want to say without sounding like you’re verbally playing ‘hearts and flowers’”.

Then, suddenly, this morning, on the way to make coffee, it hit me:

this is Decatur. There’s nothing I can say that hasn’t already been news for quite some time now.

As such, on with it: as you, dear/gentle/angsty/pug-loving reader may or may not know, Friday, Feb 20th is my last day with Wordsmiths Books. And, at the end of March, I’m packing up as many books as can fit into a suitcase and am relocating north, to New York.

It’s funny, because despite having been born in Albany, NY, I’ve lived in Georgia for my entire life, save a brief diversion to Las Vegas (I know, culture shock, right?). This is a bit of a change for me, and…

…and what am I saying? A bit of a change? I’m freaking terrified. Excited. Terrified/excited.

There’s so much I want to say in way of thanks, thanks to the community, to the authors and the publicists and the folks I’ve worked with and most importantly the readers, the book-event-goers and people I’ve had correspondence with, that I think to even begin to attempt to make a list would be both daunting and impossible. I’d forget someone(s), and I’m trying to hammer this out on a deadline, which is not, I’m finding, the way to write a goodbye letter to the last few years of your life. I’m also tempted to tell anecdotes, like “hey, remember how awesome having Ani Difranco in the store was? The literal and figurative hoop-jumping for that one took about three months of planning, begging, begging, planning, persuading, hour-long phone calls and hundreds of megabytes of .pdfs shot back and forth, and the week of her appearance said hoop-jumping caused me to lose 10 pounds. In a week.”, but I’m either

a)going to save those for my book (which, yes, I will write…one day. Someday. Soon. Possibly)

b) see a

so I’ll skip those, also. Instead, I just want to say a big, giant, genuine and sincere “thank you” to everyone-all my co-workers, everyone I’ve worked with, everyone who has put up with me being supercaffeinated and hyperactive and tenacious like a terrier and determined to do things my way, you deserve a serious, giant round of standing applause.

And to you guys, the readers of this blog, the folks that made the whole “bookstore blog before a bookstore existed” thing work like a charm-thank you. Without you I wouldn’t have had a job to begin with. This has been a wild, crazy, sleepless-a-lot-of-the-time-and-oh-my-god-I-never-actually-got-to-meet-Fonzworth-Bentley-but-I-did-get-to-meet-Marisha-Pessl ride.

If, per chance, you’re interested in my future plans once I get to New York-well, um, see, those are still…in formation. I’ll be job hunting heavily for something steady and full-time in the worlds I come from, marketing and publicity (probably remaining in publishing, but I’m entertaining any/every opportunity that comes my way), and chronicling a lot of it, fairly candidly, on my personal blog. I’ll also be doing freelance marketing and pr work as RussCommunications, which includes continuing to work with Zach as the publicist for his novel Anointed and the massive multimedia promotional campaign that’s in the works right now. No, really, RIGHT NOW, as in if I were to be attending to my email instead of writing this, it’d be going on RIGHT NOW right now. I’ll also continue to write for the fantastic A Good Blog is Hard To Find, and, I’m really excited to say, my old pals at BabyGotBooks have handed me a spare set of keys, and I’ll be writing for them, also.

Regrets? I’ve had a few. But then again, too few to mention.

Actually, there was this one author who kept asking these inane, arbitrary and absurd questions and finally…oh, wait, saving that for the book.

And so, friends, that’s that. I feel like I’m missing something, skipping something, forgetting something, like I’ve lost the plot (it might be on the ground somewhere, let me check), but then again I always will and I always do. If you’re interested at all in reaching out to me for possible publicity/marketing work, job leads, awesome vegetarian spots in NY that an impoverished couch-crasher can afford, or if you just want to know when/where my leaving-Georgia (hey, isn’t that a Terry Kay book?) going-away-party will be.

Thanks for the fun, thanks for the memories, so long and thanks for all the fish.

Oh, and, yes, it is in my plans to see this one last time before I leave.

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