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Wordsmiths Books is the largest independent bookstore in the state of Georgia, operating in the flourishing literary community of Decatur. With 3,000 square feet of bookselling space, an event stage and area capable of hosting hundreds comfortably, a reading room/art gallery, free wi-fi, and free on-site parking, Wordsmiths Books is more than a bookstore–it’s a place to spend the day.


Zach is Wordsmiths Books’ owner/operator. Zach has several years of bookselling experience, both at large chains and independent bookstores. It’s always been Zach’s dream to own a bookstore. He enjoys science fiction, and among his favorite authors are Terry Pratchett, Timothy Zahn, and David L. Robbins.

Dea Anne

Dea Anne is Wordsmiths Books’ operations manager. An enthusiastic and passionate bookseller for many years, Dea Anne is especially enthusiastic and passionate about independent bookstores. Dea Anne has lived in Decatur for a number of years as well and loves it. Her favorite authors are Flannery O’Connor, Elizabeth Hand, and Jane Bowles.


Russ is the director of marketing and publicity for Wordsmiths Books. In short, this means he runs around a lot looking frantic about ten minutes before author events. Russ’s background is in New Media marketing and publicity, and he cut his teeth in the world of music journalism, but he’s a book lover first and foremost. His favorite author is Bret Easton Ellis, but he also loves Toni Morrison, Marisha Pessl, John Updike, Djuna Barnes, and Dave Eggers. Russ also greatly enjoys Japanese psychological horror fiction (Suzuki’s Ring Cycle, for instance), and reads Ulysses for fun because it’s just a silly book.


Mike is the webmaster and director of internet sales for Wordsmiths Books. Mike has 15 years of bookselling experience, including managing an independent bookstore for 10 years and running the store’s website for 8 years. In fact, he actually had hair when he first became a bookseller. Mike likes to read thrillers, especially those with a comedic touch. His favorite authors include Bill Fitzhugh, Carl Hiaasen, Tim Dorsey, and Christopher Moore, but he also likes more serious thriller writers such as Lee Child, Tess Gerritsen, and James Grippando.


this is an image of Alice, the wife of Zach who is the owner of Wordsmithsbooks.com

Alice, a senior at UGA majoring in Social Science Education, came to Wordsmiths Books because she is married to Zach, the owner. She likes to read everything from fiction to non-fiction. Some of her favorite authors include Douglas Adams, Robert Jordan, Orson Scott Card, Terry Pratchett, and Christopher Moore. When not slaving her life away for her husband here at the store, Alice enjoys taking care of the family zoo, and she claims to be into underwater basket weaving.


Katie has recently moved to Decatur and has embraced her new surroundings with the help of her trusted fellow book lovers and photographers alike. Her favorite authors include Cynthia Heimel, Sylvia Plath, Dorothy Parker, and Nick Hornby. Katie likes books that are angsty, funny, and original.


A 10-year veteran of the book world, John holds an A.B. degree in English and is an ardent Anglophile. He enjoys cooking, travel, art, and running. John worries about a generation of Americans who think store-bought mayonnaise, Christmas trees at Thanksgiving, and 100 channels on tv are normal. He likes general fiction, especially English classics, and Southern authors, but he also likes biographies and gardening, design, and art books. John reads through every new cookbook and can predict if the recipes actually work at home.


Curbie, the wordsmiths books security dog

Curbie is Wordsmiths Books’ head of security. Don’t mess with him, or he’ll mess you up (OK, he’ll just lick you and jump all over the place).

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