From the Big Chicken to the Big Apple

insert heavy sigh here

I’ve been sitting here, debating with myself for a couple of days now about how to begin this blog. “Self”, I’ve been saying to my, um, well, self, “there has to be a way you can get to the point of what you need/want to say without sounding like you’re verbally playing ‘hearts and flowers’”.

Then, suddenly, this morning, on the way to make coffee, it hit me:

this is Decatur. There’s nothing I can say that hasn’t already been news for quite some time now.

As such, on with it: as you, dear/gentle/angsty/pug-loving reader may or may not know, Friday, Feb 20th is my last day with Wordsmiths Books. And, at the end of March, I’m packing up as many books as can fit into a suitcase and am relocating north, to New York.

It’s funny, because despite having been born in Albany, NY, I’ve lived in Georgia for my entire life, save a brief diversion to Las Vegas (I know, culture shock, right?). This is a bit of a change for me, and…

…and what am I saying? A bit of a change? I’m freaking terrified. Excited. Terrified/excited.

There’s so much I want to say in way of thanks, thanks to the community, to the authors and the publicists and the folks I’ve worked with and most importantly the readers, the book-event-goers and people I’ve had correspondence with, that I think to even begin to attempt to make a list would be both daunting and impossible.… Read the rest