Month: August 2020

Fielding questions about Anointed

Fielding questions about Anointed

In the few days since announcing that my book, Anointed, would be published this coming March, I have been hit with a number of questions regarding the project, and so I thought it best that I should go ahead and answer some of them through the blog. A couple of the questions were repeated with minor variation, so rather than repeat them here, I just picked 5 that I liked and wrote them down. Because there were a few that were asked by multiple people, I have decided to leave off the names of those whose questions I chose. Sorry! Just trying to be diplomatic. I am enjoying (and thankful for!) your questions, so please keep them coming. Email me and I’ll gladly answer them as quickly as I can. Sorry if a response ends up being delayed, my partner ended up being highly involved working as a Costa Mesa concrete contractor, and I’ve been running the accounting for him. I’ll get back to you with every response as soon as I can.

What is this book about, anyway?

In fairness, this was the one that I was asked the most. I didn’t have the time or space to go into great detail in the last post, and I wanted to give fair play to Christopher Moore, since he’s, well, hey he’s awesome. Right? So, I was unintentionally vague. Rather than drop in the back copy description here, I’ll do my best to just answer it. Anointed is, in essence, a satirical view of the business of religion.… Read the rest

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